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Michelle is a makeup designer based in London, working worldwide, she has a passion for life's beauty and art and wants to help create stunning imagery and legendary films.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Just one (NO TWO) more shoots -

I had a little time to squeeze two more amazing shoots in before I left for asia in back in Jan and here is the outcome of those shoots :)

Shoot one -

Photographer - Thomas Knights
Styling - Callum Vincent
Makeup - Michellewebb.com ;p


Shoot Two -

Photographer: - Sohrab Vahdat
Stylist: - Magdalena B
Hair: -Aisu
Makeup: Michellewebb.com ;p

Love Love Love

Next Top Model ........

on a cold winters day this Jan ..... a few of my most talented friends and the crew for greeks next top model headed to syon park, to shoot in the stunning but frezzing (-10) syon house

Here are a few behind the scene shots as well as some clips of the show -

The freezing syon house very early call time :0 cold!!! ....

two frozen pandas!!!!!

The crew .....

and pose!!!!!

I love Monika

our shoot clip (one) -

our shoot clip (two) -

The Final Shots - who do you think should of won ;p

Long Time Coming ......

I'm not really sure where to start its been a long time coming .... always mean to update my blog but never have any time to do so .... maybe i should employ someone to do it hehe

What have I been up to over the last 8 months ha well what haven't I been doing ;p

I worked on a Major shoot for greeks next top model (lots of fun)

went away and worked in asia for 5 months on underwater and shock horror a calender shoot (all in a days work)

Done a couple of music video

Made up some wags

Shot some crazy editorials

and now im working towards an amazing project for fashion week :)

at the moment im wounded i feel over my kit ...... makeup will be the end of me ;p

so I have time to update and post images from the above and get you up to date with another crazy year.... so stay tuned ;0p

Here is a sneak peak of one of my underwater images ;p rest are waiting to be published so i cant show you many more booooooooo