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Michelle is a makeup designer based in London, working worldwide, she has a passion for life's beauty and art and wants to help create stunning imagery and legendary films.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Colin Craze!!! take a chance :)

About 3 years ago after returning from the states .... it was time to try and make some contacts back in London after looking night and day on the Internet for some hope I found an add on
www.mandy.com an Indie film making network looking for makeup artists to come and "help" out on a low very low budget horror film making zombies (exciting for any makeup artist).... I thought why the heck not and after a lovely meeting with Mr Marc Price (who is now one of my best friends) I started to give up my weekends and help out with all things gore ...... the film took over 2 years to make giving up time when I could to help out Marc and the Crew.
Teaching them basic FXs so they could carry on filming when I had a paid job etc all in all it was an amazing experience one that help boost my confidence with makeup.... got me back out on the london makeup scene and like i said before made me Friends for life ...

3 years later Colin was completed marking its mark on the festival circuit being screened in horror festivals around the world making small splashes werever it went.
In my eyes the finished film was a masterpiece but then again I was a little biest,
But what happened this summer at Canne was a little unexpected for us all.......

A couple nights before some of the crew left for the cannes film festival I had a little (no long) convo with Marc I could tell his nerves had got the better of him and that he felt like a little fish leaving the pound and going out to sea ...... after a few words of webb wisdom the convo ended with a you dont have anything to worry about Colin is amazing even if 20 people see the film and hate it, at least they have seen it!!

A couple of nights later I was staying at a friends house in east getting ready for a fashion party (pretentious I know) haha and I got a text from one of the other makeup girls on the film asking if I had seen the press attention that colin was getting after it screened in cannes.....

Marc was being interviewed by everyone from GMTV (uk morning show) Sky News, CNN, The BBC you name it he was on it and the story was hitting international newspapers ..... we won an award at raindance got nominated for a Bifta....... run workshops at raindance & BFI london and appeared at the MCM expo (uk version of comic con) and was even on the CNN Halloween spicial its kinda went crazy ......

So low and behold a few links and videos of the press ... please ignore my ugly mug in one of them argh!!!

Colin Website

BBC News

Some stills from the film and fun with the crew :)

Colon Poster

The now-dead camcorder used to shoot most of "Colin" in it's new home... The Movieum on London's South Bank!

Some makeup from the film

Promo shot of Marc Price & Alistair Kirton (aka Colin)

Marc Price back at cannes presenting at Saatchi & Saatchi

Alistair Hiding from his fans hehehe ;p

So dont always turn your nose up at that next TFP shoot or ignore the next indie film maker that offers a starbucks coffee in return for your time and skills on his film you never know what you may get out of it :)

After the success of Colin Marc is now working towards his next film and all the crew from Colin will be reunited and we now we can get some $ doing what we love (lets just say the budget is a little higher then 45 pound this time maybe 200 hehe jks ;p xx Thunderchild

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Pull & Bear christmas campaign

On my birthday this year I got booked to do the Christmas campaign for pull and bear after much deliberation and grovelling to Aaron Frew to assist me so we could still spend my bday together the finished campaign looked pretty swish......was worth the 4:30am wake up call and missing out on my brithday meal take a lookie :)


Josh Beech and my husband to be Aaron Frew haha on set both looking sleepy after a long day love it!!!

Black & White Beauty

Being a makeup artist is not always about using lots of crazy color ... some of my fav shoots have been nice clean black and white shots ... here are a few of my fav black and white images from shoots I have worked on over the year :)

love playing with texture on black and white shoots also ..........

looking back on WARHOUSE

90% of my friends work in fashion and most of the time they have no clue what im going on about when I leave for a movie ...
Some of you may have noticed me disappear for a few months (well I hope you have)
Then come rite back and get in to the swing of fashion just like i have never been gone ... I talk about my time on horror, gore and indie films and even throw in a few stories of my day work on bigger Hollywood sets (Check me out) ;p

But what you don't see is the hard work the 18 hour days ...... the isolation from the outside world, the grueling night shoots ... the divas on set (wait thats me) ;p
the real comradery of living and working with your crew.
This year I was lucky enough to work with a good friend of mine Luke Massey on his 2nd feature Warhouse.
My days were spent making the lead actor Joseph Morgan look pretty (was a hard job) or fucked up (not so hard) airbrushing on tattoos and getting sticky with green blood YUM!! :)
My long time friend Gayle Cooper whom I have worked on many films with was alsoalong for the ride (Well longer for her) making the fallen come to life :)

Im the blond .....

Although I was having a few personal problems back in london the crew really become my second family and I made a few friends for life Carla, Little Joe, Lindsey and Rachel although I have worked my ass off most of the year and warhouse seems a lifetime away I just want to say thank you to Cast & Crew for being my second family and making my days a little brighter I love you all and cant wait to see the finished film hehehe

Here are a few pics of my time on the warhouse set ......

Its a wrap!!!

Drama Drama Drama!!!!!

This year I have been lucky enough to colab on some amazing shoots for Drama magazine the team at Drama are full of talent, charisma and artistic flair so thought I would share a few images that have have loved working on over the last year :)

Ram, Ziad, Kabir, Tana and Dom you truly are all amazing :) xxx love u xxx


goodbye 2009 hello 2010!!

I have had A couple of blogs before one for my poetry ... another with an old friend (who shall remain nameless) but after a long chat with the Frew today (http://iamfrew.blogspot.com/) he reminded me that I keep meaning to start one of my own :) so here it is .... woop woop I can hear you all cheering now ;p jks

Every time the end of the year looms i start to prepare for the new year ahead/ I always reflect on the year that has passed looking at pictures and doing the "this time last year i was doing" thing!!! (you know you do that)

2009 has been eventful to say the least so the next few blogs will be little photo recaps to remind myself and show others just what i got up to :) xxx enjoy xxx