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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

STOP FOUR: Fyodor Golan Moscow Fashion Week AW13

Wow something I never expected to do was go to Russia let alone go there to do makeup for mercedes benz fashion week Moscow. 

The amazing design Duo Fyodor Golan was invited to close Moscow fashion week and the lovely AOFM pro team and I were lucky enough to get to go backstage and do the makeup. 

This was my 5th show with Fyodor Golan each season and each show just keeps get better so I was obv very excited. 

We decided to keep the classic look I designed from the AW13 collection but add a couple of surprises for this special and amazing show. 

Our 1st (some would say extreme) look was 

The Golden Girl
I'm not sure how long you have been following my work but if you go back to AW12 the 1st ever show I done with Fyodor and Golan you will see we painted a girl in green glitter  link -
GREEN GLITTER GODDESS This season we body painted the model gold head to toe :)  We primed the skin with a golden water-based body paint. 

Then a finer gold glitter was placed on top with a mixing medium. 
To finish off the look we placed large particles of glitter over the top and then set it with a fixing spray.

Body Tattoo Print Girl

Next was a look that the team and I had a blast creating :) 

The body Tattooed Girl 

I had tattoo transfers made in the same print as some of Fyodor Golan’s 
garments. The transfers were then placed on to the skin and overlapped to
cover the entire body. Once we had finished placing the transfers, we then
body painted in some of the other finer details including flowers and petals it really was time consuming but as always my wonderful team pulled it together and what a creation it was. BIG THANKS TO INKWEAR.COM for helping me create the wonderful base prints :) 

I can honestly say I shall never forget going to moscow for fashion week what a wonderful time the team and I had and what an honour to be able to work with such talented designers that I not only admire for there work but also for there talent and warm hearts. 
I am truly blessed  :) 

Thought I should also share some photos from backstage and from the trip in Moscow :) enjoy xxx 

Tom Van Der Borght (portico rooms)

On day 2 of LFW we headed over to the portico rooms to work with two amazing designers- 

The first designer was Tom Van Der Borght I really loved his colourful mad collection and the makeup was even more fun and crazy full on colour blocking face paint - 

Take a look at some of the images below and check out his site - www.tomvanderborght.com

Thank you Alice at http://www.supergorgeous.co.uk/ for taking some lovely backstage shots :)


Okay so we didn't have to move that far for the next show it was also in the savoy

This show was for the lovely Gyunel and was styled by the amazing - Steve Morriss who I had previously worked with on Matthew Millers Shows.

The look for this couture designer was snow queen inspired.... dewey glossy skin with white glitter almost frozen looking brows and a white eye to match... finishing off the look with a nude lip and a touch of shimmer blush on the cheeks.

The stunning Erin O Connor open and closed the show :)

take a look at the backstage video of the wonderful AOFM makeup team below -

show Video -

also check out the wonderful images taken by www.boymeetsfashion.com thank you hun x

STOP TWO .... Fyodor Golan AW13 london Savoy

After a crazy busy and fun week in NYC it was back to my hometown london to KEY a show at the savoy, My 3rd season working with the wonderful & talented Fyodor Golan and my 4th show with them.......

The makeup for this season was more classic this season with a dark deep cherry almost black lip, sandy highlighted skin and clean eyes.

you can see my wonderful AOFM makeup team working backstage in the video below -

Thank you to www.boymeetsfashion.com for the wonderful video

and a video of the stunning show -

STOP ONE ..... New York fashion week ....

Alas it seems that keeping on top of my blog is even harder the past few months........

2013 has really been amazing I have been lucky enough to work on a few amazing shoots, music videos and movies as well as travel a little as well.....

After a busy mens collections in Jan I was hyped and ready to go with a little less manic but always exciting womens fashion weeks in New York, London and a very last min addition Moscow.

I always love jetting over to NYC it has become my 2nd home for so many reasons I just love all the american MUAs and there positive vibes and love spending time with my NY group of friends who I miss so much when I'm in london, I had not returned since I was caught in the mist of hurricane sandy and did not expect to be welcomed by a crazy ass blizzard. (what is it with me NYC and extreme weather) not to be beaten by a LOT of snow I still managed to go a see a few amazing shows and plan my own shows wile I was in the city.

It was my 3rd season working with AOFM pro, Makeup Forever for NOLCHA fashion week we had 12 amazing designers ranging from very casual brands to high end couture.

This year I wanted to bring a little sparkle to the NYC so we broke out the glitter and a deep cherry lip for the NOLCHA signature look and then brought it back to some classic smoldering eyes and lip combos later in the day, the strong AOFM pro team of 20 worked hard all day doing designer after designer and the results of our hard work showed.....

Please take a look at a few of the images below from NOLCHA and check out www.nolchafashionweek.com/