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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Outsiders....

Noticed I have not posted many menswear editorials at all on here -

So why not treat you all to a cracker of a shoot -

Here are a few of my fav shots from The Outsdiers shot for Drama magazine and featured on FTAPE see the shoot its all its glory on the below links ;p


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

lee lapthorne S/S 2010 fashion film

Another very early morning start - found the wonderful Lea James, Alexis Knox, Marianna Frannais and I on our way to broad stairs for a day at the seaside.

To shoot an amazing fashion film with the charming lee lapthorne...

the shoot went swimmingly (no pun intended) ;p

we all even had time to have fish and chips and nip to the local pub for a drink after ha

Take a lookie ... i personally LOVE it congrats everyone do love my under water shoots :)

Links -
Designer - http://www.leelapthorne.com/
Stylist - http://www.alexisknox.com
Production House - http://www.stampfilms.com/

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Monte Carlo Fashion Forum

***please note all videos automaticity start please pause***

It was time for my team and I to pack our bags full of MAC ;p (our wonderful sponsor) and head over the ever glamours and opulent Monte Carlo for the 1st ever fashion forum.....

Leaving heathrow at an ungodly hour in the frezing cold the sunshine was a welcomed surprise .......

After a quick stop at MAC in Nice and a little window shopping ;p we made our way to the garmoldie forum where we would be based over the next 3 days.... had a few meetings with designers then headed to our wonderful hotel to meet with the rest of the crew and the amazing hair team - from www.ginaconway.co.uk/

We worked on 11 shows over 3 days with only a team of 5 sometimes having to get 16 girls in to makeup in under an hour between shows .... all in all it was exsauting but we pulled it off and had an amazing time :) below are some images and videos from our trip enjoy

Team hard at work -

The Calm before the storm -

My amazing team looking very tired on the last day bless XXX thank you guys XXX

Benny Hancock
Lucy Bridge
Erika Wilson
Lea James

Links to the wonderful event organizers & friends made in Monte Carlo -


Monday, 8 November 2010

Cox Cookies & Cake.....

Ummm if you are a good friend of mine you will know that I love cupcakes, cookies, cakes, okay
anything naughty ;p

so when I got a call to work for a couple of hours on my birthday at the amazing shoes designers Patricks Coxs cake shop in SOHO how could I say NO!!

I nipped down early to the store to do some wild and fun facepaint based on the designs of there halloween cupcakes take a lookie below........ hehe

The lovely staff even gave me a box of yummy bday cupcakes :)

why not head down there yourself and get a sugar fix next time your in SOHO x mwah x

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Epic......Terry Gilliam

I got to work with the AMAZING Terry Gilliam on a portrait shoot a few weeks back and here are the results......... what an amazing brilliant mind and a amazing man :)

Photography: - Allan Amato
Styling:- Naomi Gray

MOBO Awards 2010

Last month it was time for the 2010 MOBO Awards based in liverpool held at the amazing Echo arena.
It is my 3rd year being head of makeup for the show and as always I got to pull in my wonderful team in for a few days of madness......

some of my wonderful team ..........
3 of us headed down early on a six hour road trip to host some workshops and have a lovely night out in the city of culture as they call it ;p
We met up with my dear friend Ben Glean who was the a backstage photographer at the event for a posh dinner out and some Champaign darling at the london carriage works - RECOMMEND highly

Then the rest of my team joined on the 2nd day :)

Always have a blast at the mobos but thats mostly due to the wonderful people I get to work with

attached are a few images from the night and my favorite performance from JLS and the amazing Travie McCoy

Willy Moon "I wanna be your man"

Really simple but amazing music video I worked on a few weeks back -

Check it out


Directed by Thomas Knights
1st AD- Ben Glean
Artistic Direction - Sasha Rainbow
Makeup -Michelle Webb
Hair - Benny Hankcock

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Vanity Box

Yippie I have been waiting for this for ages check out this Amazing Editorial I worked on In This Months Notion ....

Shot by Mark Cant and styled by the lovely Alexis Knox

Ps: I also worked on the cover of this months notion but thats another post ;p

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Chinese post shoot 2 ......

Chinese post!!

I was lucky enough to do two pretty cool shoots for the chinese post a couple of weeks back :)

With the wonderful http://www.joandjoe.org/

I'm im love with the results so wanted to share the shoots with you this one was in last weeks addition :)

Ziad Ghanem presents Mother Russia SS11

'Mother Russia' by Ziad Ghanem from Ziad Ghanem on Vimeo.

After a lot of anticipation hard work and excitement it was time to see Ziads amazing collection come to life not only on stage but also on the sliver screen ;p

we all headed down to avalon on shoreditch high street on a crazy rainy day and set up in what i can only describe as an opulent sexy sauna/swimming pool room (random and a little creepy) We got a selection of models ready for the live presentation and video screening .......out comes the white paint and also got to see the video for the 1st times ourselfs :)

I can honestly say it was so amazing to work Ziad and his team on this video and presentation I had a blast being able to be so creative and do crazy things with makeup always makes me excited and reminds me why I do this job .... everyone worked so hard, I have been wanting to share these images with you such a long time.... here is a selection of images from the day of shooting and also the presentation and a link to the video ha mouthful ... all credits are on the video well done everyone :)

Some makeup done by my team and I -

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

D1 Fashion Film ......

The last few weeks have really been a fashion film frenzy .... filmed 3 in the space of a week and now I'm just gaging to work on more, This one got a little dirty........ ;p

A collaboration with the amazing offworld project and D1 models ....

Have to give my props to Dan and the guys at the offworld project they always amaze me with there crazy creative antics and I feel very blessed to get to work with them love ya xxx

follow the offworld projects blog - http://offworldproject.blogspot.com/

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Ziad Ghanem presents: The film- Mother Russia For LFW

What a crazy few weeks it has been - sorry I have not been updating my blog much ... I have not even shared any of my stories from Asia,

I have been here there and everywhere over the last few weeks working on some really amazing projects .... one being the Ziad Ghanem Mother Russia LFW film ... what an amazing day, I got to head up my 1st MAC makeup team and boy did we do a lot of makeup... I cant wait to be able to show you the video and stills but that shall have to wait until after fashion week ;p

In the mean time take a look at Ziads Ghanems - Fall- 10/11 ‘'Bal des tĂȘtes" a shoot I worked on earlier this year ;p and pop over to his site to see more of his amazing creations


STYLIST and Directing Aiden Connor
MAKE-UP Michelle Webb using MAC
SHOES Georgie Bee

Shane Hawkins
Georgee Bee
Marilyn Rose
Munroe Bergdorf
Sam Foot