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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

looking back on WARHOUSE

90% of my friends work in fashion and most of the time they have no clue what im going on about when I leave for a movie ...
Some of you may have noticed me disappear for a few months (well I hope you have)
Then come rite back and get in to the swing of fashion just like i have never been gone ... I talk about my time on horror, gore and indie films and even throw in a few stories of my day work on bigger Hollywood sets (Check me out) ;p

But what you don't see is the hard work the 18 hour days ...... the isolation from the outside world, the grueling night shoots ... the divas on set (wait thats me) ;p
the real comradery of living and working with your crew.
This year I was lucky enough to work with a good friend of mine Luke Massey on his 2nd feature Warhouse.
My days were spent making the lead actor Joseph Morgan look pretty (was a hard job) or fucked up (not so hard) airbrushing on tattoos and getting sticky with green blood YUM!! :)
My long time friend Gayle Cooper whom I have worked on many films with was alsoalong for the ride (Well longer for her) making the fallen come to life :)

Im the blond .....

Although I was having a few personal problems back in london the crew really become my second family and I made a few friends for life Carla, Little Joe, Lindsey and Rachel although I have worked my ass off most of the year and warhouse seems a lifetime away I just want to say thank you to Cast & Crew for being my second family and making my days a little brighter I love you all and cant wait to see the finished film hehehe

Here are a few pics of my time on the warhouse set ......

Its a wrap!!!

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