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Sunday, 13 March 2011


Better late then never .... sorry it has taken me so long to update but fashion week was manic and six hours after my last show I had to board a plane and am now in the middle of a 5 week job....

All sounds very glam but believe me I was a sight for sore eyes hahahah

This fashion week for me was amazing it was a manic week of planning the two shows I was keying, doing shoots ... sending 100s of emails to designers and teaching my 1st day at AOFM so all in all in was eventful, I even had to turn down one show booooooooooo

but my 1st show was on the 19th of September and was for the very talented and lovable JACOB KIMMIE.....

His show - MARTYR held at the stunning vestibule of the Freemasons Hall was a fitting venue for the chilling masterpiece....

We had 3 main looks for makeup -

LOOK !: The dark knight of the apocalypse:

The most simple of the 3, very clean skin .... then just a very black glitter round eye that was done using space high tech highlighter from MAKE UP STORE and very fine black glitter we had 5 girls and 1 boy in this look -

LOOK 2: The Apostate

This was the main look for the show we had over 14 girls in this look .... we paled down this skin with MILK foundation from MAKE UP STORE and mix it with a bit of white gresse paint... then heavily powdered over with TALC, contoured the eyes and cheeks slightly with a gray shadow and then added a trail of hologram glitter from MAKE UP STORE on the nose as a sign of narcotics ;p "the deathly stunning princess"


Ha well this look is kinda self explanatory one of our martyr(s) had a red painted arm and our finally girl was painted red with the red paint carried down on to the pure white dress .... we used a red water based paint then airbrushed over the top with a red airbrush paint and powdered with a red pigment all over the face,neck and hair

This show was such a pleasure to work on, My amazing wonderful team and I had so much fun.... I really love designers who are willing to push the boundaries of norm we are all artists at the end of the day :)

Just want to say thank you to our wonderful sponsors

AOFM - www.aofmakeup.com/

MAKE UP STORE - www.makeupstore.se

JESSICA NAILS - www.jessicacosmetics.com/

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