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Friday, 1 January 2010


Many of you know the Frew as the little minx who's bum has been in Vogue hehehe or as the superstar model he is...... but I am lucky enough to know him for much more then that, I know the bright hard working boy who goes to collage, works a weekend job and still finds time for modeling in between.... the boy who comes across as confident and extrovert on the outside but on the inside has a heart of gold..... the boy who will sit on the phone with you when you are down and need a friend for hours and hours just to hear you laugh again or the boy who gets so excited about your work he would change his facebook status, tell his mother and even write a blog about it hehehe

Aaron Frew really has become part of my family my mother even asked when he is coming to stay next I think she is a little upset that not only will she not see me for 16 weeks but that she will also not get to see the frew ;p

We have had our ups and downs and a few people have tried to mess with our heads but at the end of it we have coming out standing stronger then before and even better friends I really do love you Frew :)

Aaron Frew is always thinking of others happiness & success and sometimes I think he forgets just what he has achieved for himself soooo Aaron Frew this is for you .............

All good things come in small packages (but lets just say not everything about frew is small ;P )

his small stature frew has managed to make his mark esp this year by doing -

London Fashion Week A/W & S/S
Japan Homme Vogue
Dappa Homme (12 pages)
and 100s of other shoots including mine :) hehhe

and to top it all off he has also assisted me on many shoots & awards shows working with the likes of Alexandra Burke, Peter Andre and Reggie Yates he is a budding makeup STAR!!!

Sooooo watch out Kate Moss ....... Frew is the next Shortish super model MAJOR!!!!!!!!


  1. This has touched my heart very much! im so glad i met u webb!

    love u 4 longtime and much more

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