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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Monte Carlo Fashion Forum

***please note all videos automaticity start please pause***

It was time for my team and I to pack our bags full of MAC ;p (our wonderful sponsor) and head over the ever glamours and opulent Monte Carlo for the 1st ever fashion forum.....

Leaving heathrow at an ungodly hour in the frezing cold the sunshine was a welcomed surprise .......

After a quick stop at MAC in Nice and a little window shopping ;p we made our way to the garmoldie forum where we would be based over the next 3 days.... had a few meetings with designers then headed to our wonderful hotel to meet with the rest of the crew and the amazing hair team - from www.ginaconway.co.uk/

We worked on 11 shows over 3 days with only a team of 5 sometimes having to get 16 girls in to makeup in under an hour between shows .... all in all it was exsauting but we pulled it off and had an amazing time :) below are some images and videos from our trip enjoy

Team hard at work -

The Calm before the storm -

My amazing team looking very tired on the last day bless XXX thank you guys XXX

Benny Hancock
Lucy Bridge
Erika Wilson
Lea James

Links to the wonderful event organizers & friends made in Monte Carlo -


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