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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Fyodor Golan AW12 LFW

The first show that I keyed this season at london fashion week was for the amazing Fyodor Golan the opening show held in the new somerset house space "the gallery" I had time to meet with the amazing design duo Fyodor Golan just before leaving for new york to take a look at there stunning collection get inside there heads and listen to there inspirations.... the collection was inspired by Russian peasants and aristocracy with a little bit of art deco and insects. The makeup for the show was so exciting using glitter grease paint lip tar and liner to create unique modern and exciting looks.... it really set the pace for the rest of london fashion week and buzz around the green glitter alien girl was on everyones lip ;p 
we were really short on time backstage at i must say that this show was my most stressful this season but the fruits of our labour paid off and the press went crazy im really proud of my amazing team and  can honset to god say this is a show I shall remember for the rest of my carrer ;p 

thank you to our sponsors AOFM makeup and OCC cosmetics :) LOVE 

I have added a little video feature from 1883 that shows some clips from the show but also has some nice footage of Fyodor Golan Explaining there collection ..... 

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