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Wednesday, 9 May 2012


A label that has become close to my creative heart is KTZ ..... after keying there SS show last season and working on both the mens and womens look books this season.  I was thrilled  to be asked back to Key there AW12 show the show was nothing short of EPIC 

A new Romanticised crossover between blitz kit and scottish Swag paved the way for the unisex collection. 

The makeup design for this show was very dool like .....

the skin was left pure white and dewy .... the lips were pinched in the middle with a red gloss and highlighted on the sides with stark white paint a thin black line was bended gently in the eye socket a champaign swepet over the lid and a white liner on the water line. 
highlight contour and blush were applied in unconventional places. 
the whole look was very delicate and technical every product had to be applied in just the rite way.

Thank you to our sponsors AOFM makeup and OCC cosmetics 

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