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Monday, 14 January 2013


Okay so its not that often that I get to talk about my film work on this blog every now and then a little post pops up its head.........

But unknown to some of you I started of my makeup journey in film you can see a couple of the other film projects i have worked on my IMDB - or even read a couple of blog posts below

Michelle Webbs Film Credits  

Around this time last year I packed my makeup kit and headed down to wales/cornwall with a bunch of my talented film maker friends and actors to make MAGPIE

It tells the tragic story of a negligent young father who returns to town for his 9-year-old, shark-obsessed son’s funeral. An unwelcome guest, he steals the coffin and finds himself on the road with the child’s mother and two friends.
What follows is a journey with no destination, just a desperate desire not to return. Shot on location in London, Cornwall and Price’s native Swansea without a script, Price instead opted to workshop scenes with the actors based on a carefully designed structure

Marc Price a close friend of mine directed the piece and it comes under his production company


The makeup was pretty simple esp compared to the last project I worked on with Marc "Colin" a zombie movie that kinda took the press by storm back in 2009/2010 but Marcs sheer enthusiasm and love for film making always gets me back on set pretty much for any film he makes.

Colin Craze

Really i'm honoured to be part of something so timeless something that means so much to everyone involved and also im honoured to be part of our little film family :)

the film has has some amazing review already before its release just a few quotes -

"Moving, funny, well-paced... Just an exceptional film. Best unreleased film of 2012" - Nikki Baughan, Editor, Moviescope magazine
"A stunningly shot, emotional roller coaster" Sam Clements, Picturehouse Podcast
"A masterpiece with stunning performances" - Pablo Brown-Jennett, BFI Future Film
"A beautiful example of film making" - Jack Sparling, CULTsoup
"An astonishingly brave, dark, beautifully performed and incredibly human movie which I can't recommend highly enough" - JinxMedia

Take a look at the Trailer and some images from filming below :) 

The lovely Daisy & Al In Makeup


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