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Monday, 14 January 2013

Xander Zhou AW13 Mens Collections

The last mens show for me but of course not the bit least was the Xander Zhou Show Closing the shows at the hospital club venue....... 

I met Xander Earlier on in the week for a Makeup test at his london based studio and he is such a lovely and sweet guy, It was the 1st time I had worked with him so I was excited to see the show come together. 

We had 24 models for his show to get ready and although makeup was very simple because of the  previous shows running behind we only had just 1.20 mins to get them all ready (CRAZY) 

At this point i was running from the sorting office for matthew millers show and the hospital club for xanders show think I must of looked like a crazy woman :-0 

The makeup for Xanders show was very minimal and really was all about the skin care products Xander wanted the skin to be dewey and fresh without having the models looks too perfect he still wanted to see the natural blush of models skin..... we used the shu uemura youthful radiance UV under base mousse the new mousse primer for 

radiant, youthful looking skin and then a little touch of the BBU pallet on top no powder at all 
This left the models look clean, dewy and super fresh for the catwalk.

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